11 ways Pets help reduce suffering and pain!

How pets can reduce various types of suffering and pain many humans experience

11 ways Pets help reduce suffering and pain


While our pets give us plenty of joy and fun each day, there is more and more research being done into just how much they benefit our health. In particular, scientists are focusing in on how pets can reduce various types of suffering and pain many of us humans experience at some point during our lives. If you find yourself intrigued by this, here are some fascinating ways pets of all shapes and sizes can alleviate our pain and suffering.

Discover 11 ways Pets help reduce suffering and pain


If you are a person who struggles with anxiety and depression, pets can play a big part in helping to lessen or eliminate this altogether. According to researchers, when humans are around dogs, cats, or virtually any other animal, our bodies show a marked reduction in cortisol, which is the hormone we secrete when under stress. To get the best results, take some time to pet the nearest dog or cat, which will help speed up the reduction of cortisol.


And if you happen to find yourself in the hospital, pets can help relieve the pain and suffering associated with this as well. In numerous studies, hospital patients who participated in animal-assisted therapy were found to have decreased pain levels, respiratory rates, blood pressure levels, as well as far less anxiety and depression.


Finally, for those patients who are undergoing the rigors of physical therapy, pets have also been shown to make this process much easier. According to researchers, physical therapy patients who allowed animals to be part of their healing process were found to experience far less pain during their therapy sessions, and also were in a better mood during their physical therapy. And in addition to this, most patients also communicated much better with their therapists and others during their therapy sessions, making it easier for them to recover.


Whether helping people in hospitals or at home, there’s little doubt pets everywhere make a tremendous difference in helping people feel better in numerous ways. If you want to learn more about these and other ways pets reduce suffering and pain, feel free to take a look at 11 ways animals assisted therapy reduce pain and improve quality of life.


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