Ari’s Weekly Report 3

You may have read my report last week where I told you that I had some time off. Well, it turns out this week’s report is also a bit late, but I had lots of fun. Here’s what I got up to!

Here’s what I have been working on:

We all decided to finally stop procrastinating and get on with figuring out how to get our very first YouTube video up! It wasn’t as hard as we thought it was going to be. So it is now up and we have created our very own YouTube channel. You can have a look at it here. We would be very pleased if you could give us a follow too.

Ari the Dog Vlogger

My top recommendation of the week:

Barking Fit joined the site this week and we have to say, we love them! Based in Battersea Park, they have various exercise classes run by qualified trainers where we can join our pawrents getting fit and get to burn off some of our energy. We also get to have a catch up with friends, which is always fun.

You can see their listing here… if you know anyone else who does this sort of thing near you, let us know!

What I’ve been doing in my down time:Ari's weekly report 3: cinema on the green

My pawrents took me to an awesome outdoor cinema event. There were 3 films on throughout the day, first up was Paddington. Lots of children came along to that. Then our family favourite was on – Harry Potter! It was brilliant watching on a huge screen outside. My pawrents grabbed a bite to eat from some of the street food vendors and I got to have some treats, we forgot to bring the popcorn, but I have had some before! Finally we watched Top Gun. I haven’t seen it before, as I am far too young. It was a 12 but as my pawrents were there I got to watch it too. I loved hearing the planes whooshing by. I haven’t been to the cinema before, have you?

Keep up with what I’ve been up to:

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