Discover dog friendly places on YouTube!


This week we have finally taken the plunge and have put up our first video on YouTube!  The aim is to show you great dog friendly places on Youtube, and from a dog’s-eye-view. We’ve been talking about doing it for weeks and weeks now but we’ve finally managed to get some footage together. Our friend Lincoln has been doing videos for a while now and to be honest we’ve been putting it off. But after much playing around we have now got our very first introduction video up!

Our plan with our YouTube channel is to tell you, and more importantly show you, some of the great dog friendly places we have discovered and to give you some ideas about great days out and trips away. We will also be showing you what we have been up to, things we’ve tried and having some fun!

You can view the video here, let us know what you think, and if you have any ideas on places you think we should film about! We would also love you to subscribe to our channel too and don’t forget to tell your friends!

Discover dog friendly places on YouTubeWe already have some great videos lined up including our recent trip to Norfolk and also some fun we had with our ball!  Our hope is to get a couple of videos up every week.  You can subscribe to the channel which will notify you when we have our latest video up!


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