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It’s early Sunday morning and Diesel, a six-year-old black Labrador, is going on holiday. His family is getting ready to go to the airport, but given he’s 35kg (too big to travel in the cabin even if the airline permitted it) and not accustomed to travelling in a cage in cargo, he is waiting for his Dog-A-Porter chauffeur to arrive to meet his folks in Switzerland.

This is a regular occurrence for Diesel as half of his family is Swiss, so he welcomes the Dog-A-Porter driver with typical Labrador hysteria. He runs to get a toy for Hugo and smothers him with kisses. Then it’s time to pack the car with his food, bed and toys. Diesel prefers to travel on his bed in the back, but he could also snooze all the way to Switzerland in the dog hammock on the rear seat, which is also safe and comfortable.

Doggie Road Trip Diesel

7.23am and they are on their way to catch the EuroTunnel at Folkestone. Traffic is light and Hugo can hear Diesel gently snoring, after all, it was an early start all round. When they arrive at the EuroTunnel terminal, Diesel pops his head up with that ‘are we nearly there’ look. It’s just before the Easter holidays, but luckily the queues are not that bad, so Hugo takes Diesel out at the pet play area so he can have a sniff and a pee before they continue their journey. A quick snack and they are back in the car.

‘Everyone knows Diesel is in the hood…’

Cruising through Europe, Hugo is amazed at Diesel’s capacity to sleep. He has to wake him up to give him some water and to stretch his legs after three hours into France. Diesel does not look terribly impressed and he shows displeasure at being woken up mid-squirrel-chasing dream with a huge yawn. Hugo has a dog ramp as Diesel has elbow dysplasia so he can’t jump in and out of the car. He leisurely walks out of the car on the lead and then sees a bird and automatically perks up. He forgives Hugo and trots around, nose to the ground and ensuring that everyone knows Diesel is in the hood.

On the home straight, they cross into Switzerland and only 150 miles to Zurich. Luckily, Dog-A-Porter have a fuel efficient Mercedes SUV, so no need to stop for petrol. Diesel realises the end is nigh and is sitting in his bed looking out of the window, although not sure how much he can see as the window are tinted to stop glare and keep the sun out. As Hugo turns into Diesel’s family’s road, he starts to whimper. Dogs always amaze me as they are so intuitive; does he recognise the road or does he have Scooby senses and knows he’s nearly home? 11 hours and 12 minutes after leaving his home in London, Diesel is reunited with his family. He can barely contain himself. Obviously, being a Labrador, he goes straight to the kitchen.

Dog Holiday and relocation Transport

Until the next time Diesel…and in this case, two weeks for the return trip back to London. Enjoy your family holiday you handsome boy!

Guest blog by Dog-A-Porter co-founder, Camilla Mabbott for TheDogsWithMe.

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