Favourite Five Friday 2

It's a pretty broad spread this week with things that are not only our new favourites, but our pup's favourites too. Enjoy :)

Welcome to our Five Friday Favourites number 2! Our weekly look at our favourite dog-friendly items, services, places and events of the week. It’s a pretty broad spread this week with things that are not only our new favourites, but our pup’s favourites too. Enjoy 🙂

Giant Tennis Ball

It only seems right that we should celebrate Wimbledon by getting out the giant tennis ball. These balls are exactly the same as a normal tennis ball only much, much, MUCH larger. The great thing is that for most dogs it is very difficult for them to get their mouth around, which means they can’t tear it to shreds in minutes! (or run off with it and hide!)Giant Tennis Ball

H & L Photography

Henry & Laura are dog loving photographers. They take the view that dogs deserve the same love and attention to their portraits as any other part of the family. Just as us humans do, animals all have different personalities, which they try to portray in their photos. Every shoot they do is different and they react to the way your dog feels most comfortable with to ensure they create the most unique and beautiful portraits that completely capture your pet’s true character. We are loving some of their work, particularly those featuring the new addition to their family Lincoln, who is a rescued, deaf British Bulldog. You can catch up with Lincoln in their blog too. www.lincsworld.com

H&LPhotography Dog photography

Metro Bank

We met the team from Metro Bank at Dog Fest South, who told us all about how they are a different kind of high street bank. They are open 7 days a week and from 8am – 8pm on weekdays. They have also won many awards including most trusted account, financial and Savings & cash Isa provider. So why did they make the list? Well they are dog friendly! Every branch, even those in shopping centres. They have water bowls and treats on hand. They will even give you up to £105 if you re-home a dog from Battersea dogs home. We loved them so much that one of the team opened her first bank account with them this week. She walked in with her identification and walked out with a bank account set up and a card in her hand to use straight away! Great service!

Metro Bank Dog Friendly Banking

The Woodland Trust


They are the leading woodland conservation charity, with over 1,000 sites covering 26,000 hectares. Just 13% of the UK is covered with trees, compared to the average European country that has 37%. In the past 50 years, 60% of our animal and plant species have declined. The Woodland Trust protect, campaign, plant trees, and restore ancient woodland for the benefit of wildlife and people. We’re really fortunate in having one of their 250 created community woods on our doorstep. You can find your nearest Woodland Trust site on their website, all are free to visit. You can also become one of their members and do your bit for the environment.

The Woodland Trust


Animology have a great range of shampoo that both work incredibly well and represents value for money. They have designed a shampoo that is a low foam formula, which gets into the coat, cleans very efficiently and can then be rinsed out quickly. One of the main reasons a dog can display a reaction to shampoo is because the product is left on the coat (which can also increase drying time). We’re currently using their “Hair of the dog’’ detangling shampoo which lathers really well and washes out easily, leaving his coat feeling soft and looking shiny. The also offer a dry shampoo for a quick freshen up.

Animology hair of the dog shampoo


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