Welcome to  Favourite Five Friday, where we look at our new five favourite dog things in the world of the Pup, on a Friday!  This week, we found many of our faves from the recent DogFest Show, held at Knebworth House last weekend.


Pitpat is an activity monitor for dogs, a lightweight device that fits onto the collar that you can connect to an app on your phone via Bluetooth. It monitors time spent walking, running, playing and resting. It sets goals, tracks progress and calculates calories burnt so you can make sure your dog is getting the exercise it needs.

Pitpat Dog wearing trackerYak Snack

The Yak Snack is a 100% natural, human grade, fair trade, tasty, long lasting dog chew! Yak Snacks are smoked cheese made from yak and cow milk obtained from local farmers in the Himalayan region under fair trade conditions and turned into chews using traditional methods. They are a healthy, low fat chew and are available in 3 different sizes.

Yak Snack Cheese A great Dog Treat

Edgard & Cooper

We were given a sample at Dogfest last weekend which we love! It’s a grain and gluten free food where everything in it can be traced, all the way to its origin. To make the yummy kibble, only fresh meat that hasn’t been processed, dried or frozen is used. Healthy, nutritious ingredients like vegetables, fruit, botanicals and herbs, are added! It’s then baked slowly, on a low temperature, in small batches. Flavours include Fresh Chicken, fresh Rabbit, Fresh Chicken & Duck and Fresh Lamb. They also think about others and the planet too. 10% of profits go to dog charity. Their bags are compostable, made of 100% biodegradable materials like corn waste. The printing on the package is100% water based ink. They also get their produce locally meaning: less transportation, less fossil fuels and a smaller ecological paw print.

Edgard & Cooper fresh dog food

Anns Cottage

You will find Anns Cottage, a small chain of 11 stores, in the most amazing locations across towns and seafronts in Cornwall. surf wear and accessories surf and lifestyle fashion scene from the very beginning and embrace a lifestyle that we are lucky enough to live on a daily basis. All stores welcome well behaved dog’s (except St Columb).


Surfing equipment from anns cottage


Anns Cottage Fistral dog friendly



Dogsnug make beautiful, bright dog collars, leads and also bandanas. All of their products are designed to be both beautiful and practical. They are also always looking at being as sustainable as possible, with items like their cork collars. Many of their products are also designed to keep your dog cool in the heat using a highly absorbent material and have reflective fabric so they can be seen at night. Their slogan is colourful, cool and visible and it fits perfectly!


Fun Dogsnug collars

Dogsnug Cooling Bandanas

That’s it for this week. Check back next week for more of our Favourite Five Friday!


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