Go camping they said… It will be fun they said!

Our look back at our first time camping with the Dog

Go camping they said… It will be fun they said!

A few weeks ago Jon decided at lunchtime on the Monday that we should just go down to Cornwall for the week. We had no excuses not to so we started looking at places to stay. That’s when we came up with the idea of camping! A few phone calls later, we had a pitch and a tent. With a pit stop to buy a blow up bed and an in-car charger we were away!

We arrived at the small dog friendly campsite The View at Watergate Bay just before 8 o’clock and attempted to put up the tent. With a helping hand from a friendly neighbour it was up in no time. Off to the pub we went!

Camping our first night on a campsite

A reflection on the first night

In the morning we reflected on our first night under canvas. We slept pretty well, but decided to upgrade the blow up bed to a folding camp bed. It was also agreed that really we needed a bigger tent with a proper living space. We’d also like to have big windows so we could easily sit inside and shelter from the rain.

We nipped to Truro and had a wander round the town finding several great dog friendly spots to hide from the rain. Hawkshead have a branch in Truro and are also dog friendly, we managed to find a couple of folding camp beds which we hoped would fit in the tent. ‘Hoped’ being the operative word here!

Hawkshead dog friendly camping shop

On returning to the campsite that evening all was not well. The rain we had had in Truro was significantly worse in South Cornwall where roads had been torn up! Thankfully for us the roads were intact but our tent wasn’t! The front had been completely pulled open, this was also when we realised that the tent was designed for much fairer weather. You would normally expect there to by guy ropes (string that holds the tent in place) on all sides of the tent and for there to be quite a few of them. This wasn’t the case.

After a bit of struggling two of our friendly neighbours came to lend a hand. We attached a few more guy ropes, zipped up the front and fitted sturdier pegs that we had bought earlier in the day.Dog Friendly Camping, when our tent no longer worked

Our second night

Neither of us really fancied spending another night in the tent.  Chiefly, because we weren’t totally confident the tent would survive the night. We headed off for some food and decided to cut our losses and sleep in the back of our new van. Making room for the new camp beds was tight but we managed with some juggling. Having put them up it also became apparent that they really wouldn’t have fitted in the tent!

In the morning we knew we had made the right decision. Our tent really wasn’t made for such conditions and we would have had a terrible night. Our neighbours hadn’t slept well, with one having snapped a pole!

dog friendly camping moving in to the back of the van


We stayed in the van for the rest of the trip as the weather was just awful. But we have learnt if we are to go camping again to take the right equipment for the job. Also it’s not the best idea to stay on a campsite right by the coast on the top of a hill if the weather isn’t looking good! Check the forecast; lesson learned.

See our next blog covering tips on camping for the first time. Learn from our mistakes! 



  1. Laura Whittaker

    Great post! Had me laughing (sorry) at your mis adventures. Camping is not my thing and I could totally relate to this story! Glad you managed to fit in the van… maybe you need to renovate it into an RV? Xx

    1. Well I am glad someone was laughing! We are a now… but we certainly weren’t at the time! A conversion may be on the cards….

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