Training basics for a new dog owner

Check out our basic tips you should know about training your new dog

Training basics for a new dog owner

No matter what type of breed you get for your first dog, there are several basics you should know about training and caring for them. There is a lot of information out there about training and raising your dog, so we’re going to cover a few basics to get you started. Keep reading below to for advice on training basics for a new dog owner.

Learning To Sit Training Basics For A New Dog Owner

Buying necessary training gear

Before you bring a new dog home you will need a few basic items to care for them and to make them feel comfortable. These include; bowls for food and water, a collar, leash, harness, bed, nail clippers, a brush, dog shampoo, some toys and a crate (if you plan to crate train your dog).

Teaching basic commands

Any time you teach your dog a new command, start off with shorter training sessions and increase the time as they catch on. Of course, having treats helps immensely with this process.

A few basic commands you should teach your dog are; sit, stay, come, leave it and drop it. Training your dog to listen to your voice will help you control them in a situation where you want them to avoid something (other dogs, humans or food on the ground).

If you have a territorial dog, such as a Schnauzer or Chihuahua, you might have to train them not to bark at noises outside your residence. Not only are barking dogs annoying to live with, they’re annoying to live next to. Your neighbours will appreciate this as well!

Training tips for new dog owners

Leash training

Regular exercise is crucial for keeping your dog healthy and happy. Taking them on walks or runs also provides you with another opportunity to train them. Make sure they understand how to walk on a leash (preferably by your side) and listen to your commands during the walk.

Whether you decide to do clicker training or another method, you need to let your dog know that the walk is about you and not them. Don’t allow them to lead you around or sniff something for too long. Walks provide a good environment for training your dog to listen to your voice commands.

Tips For Training Your Dog

Stick with it and have fun!

As long as you stay persistent and consistent with your training, your dog should catch on. Some breeds are easier to train than others, but if you stick with it, you should see results. Training sessions should be the same as play time with your dog- make them fun and you’ll both enjoy it! If you’re having trouble you might want to also seek out a local trainer to give you specific tips for your dog.

Written by Kevin O’Donnell from The Bark Buzz 

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