UPS Drivers Have Created A Community For The Dogs They Meet

Some dogs bark at the Postie, but these pups love them!

UPS Drivers Have Created A Community For The Dogs They Meet

Not all dogs love the postie but it would appear that some are very keen indeed.

UPS Dogs - Sean McCarren UPS driver with his doggy customer

Sean McCarren, a UPS driver of 17 years, has started a Facebook page so that he and other UPS drivers could post pictures of the pups they meet on their rounds. He is the moderator but many drivers from all over post their own pictures. They are brightening up the news feeds of the thousands of members of the online community. As you can imagine, the number of followers has gone through the roof since the story was posted over on Buzz Feed News and it’s not difficult to see why!

UPS Driver with his best doggy customer

McCarren told Buzz Feed News That many of the drivers spend their breaks hanging out and playing with the dogs they have met on their route. We think it sounds like a great way to spend your day to be honest.

Goats climb on to UPS truck

The facebook page is full of gorgeous pics of dogs, and some other animal friends, that love a delivery. Many of the drivers keep treats on board especially for their four-legged customers.

Sadly some of the drivers have had to report of their favourite furry friends passing. The dogs clearly have a huge impact on them, one of the contributors said it was one of the very best parts of their job, saying “It is an awesome feeling to be greeted so happily by unconditional love.”

A much loved UPS doggy customer passes away

The page has also now started to get contributions from this side of the pond. We loved this pic of a Postie with one of his regulars. He likes to jump in the van with him!

Postman with dog customer in van

Take a look at the Facebook page where you’ll also find some dogs dressed up as UPS deliver drivers. We’re getting some ideas for Halloween costumes!

Dog Dressed Up In UPS Halloween Costume


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