Welcome to The Dog’s With Me!

Welcome to The Dog’s With Me, the one stop shop for dog friendly places and services

Two years ago our furry boy entered our lives. We were running 2 shops and so it seemed logical that he would come to work with us and be the ‘shop dog’. He fit his new role well, greeting customers and being lathered with attention, but it did also mean that he wasn’t great at being left on his own.

We work long hours and regularly do a 6 day week, so getting a last minute night away or stopping off for some food, wonderfully cooked by someone else at the end of a long day, always helps.

However with a dog in tow its not always quite so simple!

We have previously spent hours of the little time we have trawling the Internet to find somewhere suitable to stay and places nearby that we can pop to for something to eat or places to visit.  One day we decided enough was enough, if we were struggling to find a resource so were others and so The Dog’s With Me was born…

We know there are sites out there that do similar things but here’s what makes us special:

  • We have a FREE listing, which means that we don’t only have those willing to pay to be listed. The dog’s with me has more listings so will be more complete and a better resource for you and us when we’re looking for somewhere to go or a service to use.
  • We cover all dog related things from dog friendly accommodation, food and drink outlets and places to visit to groomers, walkers, photographers, kennels and wardens. Nothing is missing.
  • We cover the whole country. Now this is an important one. Living in Hertfordshire we’re not your typical touristy spot, while its great to find a resource to use on holiday in Cornwall, what do you use when you are in Devon or back home in Hertfordshire? We feel that The Dog’s With Me should cover everywhere, so no matter where you are you have one reliable place to look and hopefully encourage you to use the places you live near more frequently.
  • We have regular blogs with hints and tips from the experts, including our wonderful Vet Ricardo.
  • The opportunity to leave a review on a listing is available. Let others know of this great place you have found and your great experiences.

They say a dog is man’s best friend, so wouldn’t it be nicer to take your best friend with you?  Have a look around and let The Dog’s With Me look showcase the best UK businesses that love your pooch as much as you do.