Ari’s Weekly Report 4: Failing To Catch, Sniffing Around Lush & Duvet Days

I've been very busy this week check out what I got up to...

Ari In Dog Friendly Lush Store Cheltenham

Ari’s Weekly Report 4

We have all been a bit busy over the past few weeks and I haven’t had time to do my Weekly Report. There have been lots of exciting things happening! Including going house hunting and doing our Doggy Calendar shoot, which was really fun! Here’s what I got up to this week.

Here’s what I have been working on:

Hurley the Newfoundland x Labrador Teaches Ari how to Dog

My pawrents had to go to a meeting with the accountant. I came too and did some really important work with her dog, Hurley. He is a LOT bigger than me. Mum says he is a Labrador X Newfoundland. We worked outside with a ball and mum thought it would make a great YouTube video. She has taken ages to figure out how to do the videos but she says she has got it now so the plan is to do a video every Tuesday and Thursday, but I’m going to push for more. You can see our channel here. I would be very pleased if you could give us a follow too.

My top recommendation of the week:

Dog Friendly Lush Store Cheltenham

We popped in to Cheltenham a few weeks ago and I was invited in to Lush. I was treated like the VIP that I am. It turns out that all of the Lush stores are dog friendly, apart from the ones in those pesky shopping centres. We got in touch and they were very happy to join our site. We are still adding a few for them but you will be able to find them all very soon. You can check out the Cheltenham store here.

What I’ve been doing in my down time:

Ari Post Operation Dog Duvet Days

There has been a lot of downtime this week. I was taken to a strange barn on a little farm where I met the Vet. He usually comes to my house so I was quite confused. Then my Pawrents left me there and I fell asleep. When I woke up I was very drowsy for the rest of the day and I kept trying to lick a wound I had. It was all a bit confusing. Mum has stayed home with me for a few days so we have had some duvet days and watched a lot of Netflix! We have also been playing lots of mental stimulating games so I wont jump and leap so much while I get better.

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