Favourite Four Friday 10: The Best DIY Dog Beds

Check out these great, simple DIY dog beds anyone can make at home!

The Best DIY Dog Beds Burrow BedFavourite Four Friday 10: The Best DIY Dog Beds


I have been spending hours this week scrolling through the world that is Pinterest! Procrastinating, that’s what I am doing, I should be making a video but I’m on Pinterest instead. I am sure you can all relate! There are just so many good ideas on there, especially where our pups are concerned. We thought we’d pick out our Favourite Four DIY dog beds that we think both you and your dog will love!

I can’t help but buy Ari hundreds of toys and lots of beds, he doesn’t need them, but I just can’t resist! However I am trying to tighten the purse strings and am hoping that a bit of DIY might help!

We haven’t attempted to make any yet ourselves. If you do have a go please send us a pic and good luck!

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Burrow Dog Bed

Cosy Burrow Dog Bed

We absolutely love this dog bed which your pup can burrow inside. It isn’t the simplest of designs, so you will need to be a fairly competent sewer to take this on. However to make it a bit simpler we think you could use Velcro instead of a zipper.

Tufted Suitcase Dog Bed

DIY Tufted Suitcase Dog Bed

This is quite a simple DIY, so no excuses not to make it! Made using some foam, fabric and a suitcase, this is quite the retro look. The best bit? It does no damage to the suitcase so if you struggle for storage space at home this could be a great solution. If you don’t have a suitcase you could use an old draw or an old tyre instead.

Pallet DIY Dog Bed

DIY Pallet Dog Beds


We love all the pallet dog beds, but so many of them suggest dismantling the pallet using all sort of equipment that to be honest we just don’t have. We also thought many of you would be in the same boat. However we couldn’t have a DIY dog bed list without a pallet bed. Then we stumbled across this really simple tutorial. You only need basic tools and you don’t have to take it all apart. You can always use some old pillows for the middle or foam instead.

No Sew DIY Dog Bed

No Sew Dog Bed Tufted

If crafting isn’t really your thing we also found a really simple DIY for you. The no-sew dog bed is cheap and simple, two things we just love. This tutorial suggests using 2 different coloured fleeces, but if you have an old one lying around just use that. You can also use an old pillow for the stuffing, making this a very cheap option.

Let us know which one your favourite is, we couldn’t pick!

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