DIY Dog Advent Calendars

I think it’s finally safe for us to say the C word! We’re only a couple of weeks away from the start of December and then the real countdown begins! There are now many more doggy advent calendars on the market, but none are quite the same as a good old-fashioned DIY one. We have picked our favourites for you to have a go at. We’re still deciding which one we would like to have a go at ourselves!

Christmas Tree Cup Advent Calendar

We have featured a recipe from Gone To The Snow Dogs previously, but this time you don’t have to make the treats if you don’t want to. This calendar is super simple to make using things that you either have lying around the house or you can pick up on the supermarket ‘big shop’. They have provided a great tutorial video so you know exactly what you need to do!


Reusable Burlap Advent Calendar

DIY Dog Advent Calendars Burlap Mini bags

If you’re good at sewing you could always try this calendar, which you can reuse every year. Again if you have more than one dog you can pop a few extra treats in. If you like this idea but want a simpler version you could always buy the bags or staple them together instead of sewing them.

Envelope Advent Calendar

DIY Dog Advent Calendars paper bags

This advent calendar is super simple. If you have kids, they can help decorate each of the envelopes. You can really mix up what you put in each day rather than give the same treat. You could use smaller or larger envelopes too. We quite like the idea of hanging them up on a piece of string with clothes pegs to create a nice decoration.

These great DIY advent calendars have given us some inspiration. Watch this space for our take on our own DIY dog calendar!


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