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We are just over a week away from Halloween and we’ve been scouring the net to find some great doggy costumes. We aren’t going trick or treating but our shop is taking part in a Halloween pumpkin trail, so we thought we really should get Ari a nice outfit. Rather than pick four dog halloween costumes we have gone with four themes, from four different shops. We can’t quite decide what to go with so let us know your favourite!

The Star Wars Fan

Star Wars Dog Halloween Costumes R2-D2 At-At Yoda BB8

Pets By Fancy Me have a great selection of over 100 doggy costumes. I am not sure we could get Ari to the first costume that comes up though, which is a cardboard At-At. We also love their R2D2 and BB8 costumes. The yoda costume is fab and comes in at a close second. However our favourite has to be their Ewok costume, it is just too cute!

Dog Star Wars Halloween Costume Ewok

The Superhero Lover

For Dog Halloween Costume The Superhero Lover Batman, Superman, Spiderman

Pets At Home have a small range of costumes, but all are great. We love their superhero costumes! The pricing is based on the size of the costume but they generally start at about £17. Be aware that these costumes are online only; you can collect in store but you must have ordered them for store delivery. Their Superman , Spiderman and Batman costumes are also instantly recognisable so you can’t really go wrong. Our favourite here has to be Wonder Woman! It’s a great little outfit, but we won’t be getting it for Ari!

For Dog Halloween Costume Superhero Wonder Woman Outfit

The ‘I Don’t Want To Be Wearing The Same As Someone Else’

Dog Halloween Costumes Bacon Frisse, Katy Perry, Unicorn

Fancy Dogs only do dog costumes, so as you can imagine, their range is pretty good. They also have some great accessories if you don’t want to completely dress your dog up, including hats and shark fins. Why will you love these guys? Because you can rest assured nobody else will have these outfits. Their unicorn dog is brilliant, we haven’t seen it anywhere else either so you’re unlikely to be in the awkward position of having dressed up in the same outfit as someone else. They also have great names including the ‘Baconfriesse’ which is essentially just a bacon outfit. The California girl outfit is also fantastic, although I am not sure how long the glasses would stay on. Our favourite here though has to be ‘Pity the Fool’ which is in fact a Mr T outfit!

Dog Halloween Costumes Mr T A-TeamThe Will Make You Laugh Outfit

Dog Halloween Costumes The Pope, UPS Driver, Wheres WallyYou may have seen our post yesterday about the dogs UPS drivers meet on their rounds. It featured a great dog costume which you can buy for your pup at Funidelia. If that’s not your thing, perhaps a Pope costume would be up your street? The Where’s Wally outfit is also a brilliant choice. Our favourite here though has to be the peacock. It is hugely flamboyant and totally individual!

Dog Halloween Costumes Peacock

We would love to see what outfit your dog is going to dress up in. So post your pics so we can see them!

Make sure you pop back in the week to see our blog on keeping your pup safe during Halloween.


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