We launched this feature a couple of weeks ago and have decided to change from 5 down to 4 so we can make sure you get to see all the lovely pictures on social! 

I’m sure, like most, we have a treat drawer at home.  If anyone moves even remotely near it Ari knows he is about to get some yummy goodies. It’s funny how dogs can sense something so small and instantly know what it means! 

Check out our favourite four, this week featuring our favourite treats! 

Pedigree Schmakos

Ari cannot get enough of these pongy little strips! We love them as they come in a pack of 20 but can be broken into whatever size you would like. A pack of these lasts a long time in our house!  They don’t half make that drawer smell though.

Pedigree Schmackos dog treats buy from a dog friendly shop

Misfits Nasher Sticks

These come in 2 tasty flavours and 2 sizes. They take a bit longer to gobble through, and Ari likes to trot off with them to eat them privately, just in case we try to take it back! They also help to reduce plaque and tartar, in fact, a friend of ours gives her pooch one before bed and says she is brushing her teeth! Misfits Treats dog treats buy from a dog friendly shop.

Green and Antler Dog Chews

Deer naturally shed their antlers once a year. These chews are cut up into smaller chunks and provide a great tasting, long-lasting treat for your pup. The tips of the antlers are the most nutritious part and can be great for puppies who may be teething, or miniature breeds. They are high in minerals and nutrients, and can help improve metabolism, circulation and aids the immune system. These guys even have lazy antlers, which are cut lenthways exposing the tasty nutritious inner antler marrow, making it easy for these dogs to enjoy the tasty bits without too much hard work!Antler Dog Chews dog treats buy from a dog friendly shop. As featured in The Dog's With Me Favourite Four Friday.

Charlies’ Tasty Treats

 We found these great homemade treats on a trip to the New Forest. The company is owned by Richard, who previously struggled to find a job, and so created one for himself! Ari particularly likes the chicken liver nuggets which contains just 7 ingredients, all of which you will recognise! He also creates several other treats and a mixed bag if you just can’t decide what to pick! I read a quote the other day that said ‘each time you buy something from a small business a real person does a happy dance’. So if you are looking for some great treats buy some of Charlie’s tasty treats and I am sure Richard will do a happy dance! Charlie's Tasty Treats dog treats buy from an independent dog friendly shop.


What are your favourites? We would love to know! Especially those made by small businesses!


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