Favourite Four Ways To Keep Your Dog Calm During Fireworks

Our tips on making sure your pup is happy during the firework season

Favourite Four ways to keep your dog calm during fireworks

Guy Fawkes’ fireworks can be pretty spectacular, but this stunning activity could be pretty traumatising for your pup.

Humans have learned to expect fireworks around the 5th November, but the sound of fireworks can be quite startling for dogs.

This week our Favourite Four is a bit different, as we have compiled our Favourite Four ways to make sure your furry friend’s fear is under control.

Favourite Four Ways to Keep Your Dog Calm During Guy Fawkes Fireworks At A Firework Display

Before we get to our favourites, experts suggest that you should avoid taking your dog to any sort of fireworks show. If you have no other option, make sure your dog is wearing a collar with its name and information on it and that they are kept on a lead at all times. If they get startled, they may get anxious and try to run away from the situation.

However staying away might not be possible. If you can hear fireworks from your home, your dog might get spooked. Here are our favourite ways to make your dog feel more comfortable within your home.

Create a safe Area

Guy Fawkes Fireworks create a safe place for your dog

Firstly, start by closing all windows and doors and moving them away from the sound. You may find simply moving to another room reduces the whooshes and bangs enough. Turn on the TV or play some background music that is more comforting. Create a safe area for the dog to retreat to during the noise. Try putting them in their bed or crate.


Keep your dog calm during fireworks by distracting them with toys

Dogs might also need a distraction during fireworks.  Distracting your dog by giving them their favourite treat or toy. This can also help reinforce a positive association with fireworks.


If you know that your dog is likely to be very anxious you can buy a calming natural supplement. They can be found in most pet stores, or visit your vet. However do be aware, you may need to start giving your dog the supplement up to a couple of days beforehand. Have a look at when the local shows to you are on and also bare in mind neighbours who may want to celebrate a week either side of Guy Fawkes. We have tried out the natural de-stress supplement Pet Remedy on Ari previously and it has definitely helped to calm his nerves.


Another alternative option is a Thundershirt, which you can buy in some pet shops or online. The shirts work in the same way as a swaddle for babies, and can help calm dogs while they’re feeling anxious.

Favourite Four Ways to Keep Your Dog Calm During Guy Fawkes Fireworks SparklersWhichever methods you try to calm your dog, the most important thing is to remain calm yourself. This will reassure your dog that there is no immediate danger and that it will be safe.


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